Attorney Sara Swanson provides practical legal advice (balancing common sense, compassion, and advocacy) – advice that is specifically tailored to each client’s unique situation.


Clients’ questions and concerns are carefully listened to, so that clients are empowered to make informed decisions in their cases.


Clients are encouraged to work towards reaching amicable resolutions whenever possible (as stipulated agreements are almost always more satisfying and less problematic for litigants than Court Orders), but when that fails, Ms. Swanson is prepared to knowledgeably advocate her clients’ positions in the Courtroom.


Ms. Swanson has specialized her practice in the area of family law (which includes divorce actions/legal separations, custody modification and establishment actions, visitation/parenting time issues, child support motions, post-decree actions, ante-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, paternity actions, and step-parent adoptions).

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